Thinking of Outsourcing your Payroll??

Many organisations are in two minds on whether to outsource or not.  On the one hand some do not want to lose control over the payroll while on the other hand they may become over reliant on one individual in the organisation.

Here are a few pros and cons that you might find useful.

In House Payroll

Increased control over payroll.

Immediate access to records as required.

Queries from employees are responded to in a timely manner.

Over reliance on a skilled payroll administrator will cause problems if that person decides to move on or is absent over a long period.

Processing payroll in house will necessitate a second person to be trained up in payroll who may not have a background in payroll.

A lot of time can be taken up by the payroll administrator on non “value-adding” activities e.g. enveloping and distributing payslips.

Outsourced Payroll

Due to complexities in payroll, access to expertise will ensure that the payroll complies with current legislation.

Allows an organisation to focus on its core activities.

Responsibility for paying employees on time lies with the outsourced company.

A lot  of the preparatory work may still need to be done in house.

While outsourcing can be a relatively cheap option compared to employing a full time payroll administrator you may get a very basic level of service.

How can Expert Payroll help??

We can help support your existing in house payroll by offering telephone support, remote dial in capabilities and training.

If you decide to outsource to us, we can process your payroll at your premises or we can process it as part of our bureau service in our offices.  We can develop a set of customised reports based on your requirements.

We also provide special arrangements for temporary cover in the absence of your payroll administrator.

If you decide to outsource with us, you have the option of taking the payroll back at any time.