Cover Plus Support

What you get with Cover Plus:

Troubleshooting a persistent issue will be handled by the same person

Remote login is provided routinely to assist with troubleshooting

We would like you to call us with ALL of your payroll related queries.  That way we build up an understanding of how your company uses payroll

We encourage customers to use enhanced features to get more from payroll

We give advice based on knowledge of your systems and your industry type

Our advice is not limited to the payroll system.  We will also give advice on general Payroll, PAYE and PRSI matters

Emergency cover options

We’re available to call out as required (chargeable) – typically to:

  • Move payroll system to new PC
  • Move standalone payroll to Server

Special discounts for volume stationery purchases

Help with ad-hoc reports

On-site training by arrangement

Legacy support for historic payrolls

Priority placement for Payroll Year End service