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Payroll Bureau & Managed Services

Expert Payroll offers a wide range of Bureau and Managed Services both in-house here or on-site with you.  Typical scenarios include:

  • You want to outsource the payroll function, maybe because you don’t have the necessary payroll expertise.  Payroll has become more complex, with more opportunities for errors.  Our In-house Bureau service can look after all your payroll needs and may be tailored to suit particular requirements.
  • Payroll Backup – We run your payroll at your offices – this could cover Holiday Relief / Illness / Maternity Cover – whether short term or long term.
  • Implementation of new systems / data transfer from legacy systems.
  • Setting up Holiday information systems that cater for Holiday Balances, Holiday Accruals, detailed recording of days taken, etc.
  • Helping you set up a payroll manual and processing checklist tailored to your particular circumstances.  Includes “Disaster Planning / Damage Limitation” with reviews of the various scenarios that can lead to a “horror story”.

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